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Self Ahesive Sticker Plates|Discover more about our self adhesive sticker for UK or Irish plates.

Self Ahesive Sticker Plates Self adhesive sticker plates can be ordered from our UK and Irish show plate constructors


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On some vehicles, sometimes a standard acrylic plate will not fit and thats where a self-adhesive plate come in. The Alfa Romeo 8c Competizione pictured above has no place where a full size plate can be displayed. Many kit cars like Catherham 7's & TVR's were not designed to accomodate a number plate either.

Or self adhesive plates are printed direct to self adhesive reflective and then laminated for a tough finish, finally they are cut to your specified size in our plotter.

How to Order

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Input your registration, select any other options which you require as normal but then state in the special requirements box that the plate is to be a self adhesive sticker.

Mitsubishi Evo8 Sticker Plate Mitsubishi Lancer Evo8 - 390mm X 84mm self ahdesive front sticker plate.